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Luxury in a small car, Fiat 600

Yes, we mainly write about interior design, home décor, but when we come across such a magical project, we just have to find out more about it!

Lead by enthusiasm you could create miracles.  A team of 5, located near Strumica, Macedonia, manage to turn fantastic ideas into reality.  We are talking about a team called Interior Turning Garage.  After seeing their projects we were immediately hooked.

The secret to their success is a mixture of creativity, high quality materials, and of course, lots of hard work.

We’d like to show you one of their projects, an old Fiat 600.  Looking at the photographs, you will see the attention to detail, like the steering wheel and the gear stick- a combination of aluminium and wood, a retro radio, the original sign, and handmade leather accessories.  Take a deep breath for what’s to follow: The flooring is from a Mercedes S500, 2015, the inside of the roof is a Bentley GT Continental 2013, and the leather interior is the same one used by Mercedes ML Class. Genius!

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